Refined relevancy of client’s media coverage with AI

How Signal helped Tungsten:

Cut the noise in Tungsten’s daily news alerts to save time each day.

Chaz Sarathchandra, Communications Manager

About Tungsten Network

Tungsten Network is a secure electronic invoicing platform which brings large businesses closer to their thousands of suppliers, and suppliers closer to their buyers. Tungsten serves 56% of the Fortune 500, and 67% of the FTSE 100.

Chaz Sarathchandra is Communications Manager at Tungsten, and is the firm’s principal internal and external distributor of information.

As Chaz liaises with both employees and external stakeholders on company developments and industry information, he needs a media monitoring solution that provides accurate, relevant results in real time.

‘In order to have true competitive advantage, you need to be ahead of the news, knowing what your competitors are doing.’

The problem

Many companies’ names have multiple meanings, and a common issue for these firms is that lots of media monitoring services lack the intelligence to differentiate between the company and other businesses or objects.

Tungsten had exactly this problem.

‘Previous providers weren’t very good at sorting out the non-essential information: there was too much noise.’

Prior to adopting Signal, Chaz had to trawl through long lists of irrelevant articles to pick out the news that related to Tungsten the company, as opposed to the element or any other instances of the word.

There was just too much noise. He needed a better solution.

The solution

Signal’s machine learning technology enabled Chaz to get more precise results from his news. Excluding irrelevant terms meant that Chaz saved time analysing his news each morning. Chaz can send key information to key stakeholders more quickly and with more confidence.

The results

Setting up Chaz’s feeds and getting Tungsten up to speed with Signal was easy. Our dedicated support team helped him build the searches he wanted, and the intuitive platform enabled him to become an experienced user in no time.

Using Signal lets Chaz go beyond simple keywords, and has given him the power to quickly identify important news, saving him time and also giving him an accurate view of Tungsten’s voice in the marketplace.

‘The support has been really great.’


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