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How Signal helped Stylus:

Worked with Stylus to create a best-in-class news site using bespoke machine learning technology.

Sophie Corfan, Content Editor

About Stylus

Stylus Media Group is an innovation research and advisory firm which produces research and editorial on a variety of industries, including fashion, technology, media and innovation.

Stylus Life is the newest Stylus product launch. It is designed to appeal to professionals interested in creativity and innovation. Launched in 2016, Stylus Life blends aggregated content with Stylus-produced editorial. Stylus connected with Signal while Stylus Life was still in production, and tasked Signal with automating the content discovery process and helping the site attract a dedicated audience.

Sophie Corfan is Stylus Life’s Content Editor. She has worked at Stylus for over four years. Her activities range from selecting and summarising new stories to directing Stylus Life’s overall strategy and business model. Sophie uses Signal every day to curate content for Stylus Life.

‘We track trends in many industries constantly, so that we can give our clients and audience the insights they need to make better strategic decisions.’

The problem

Stylus wanted to create a free-to-read content platform to augment their premium offer, generating a wider audience for the Stylus brand. To do this effectively, Stylus needed to consistently and reliably source relevant, insightful news stories as quickly and easily as possible, to give readers up-to-the-minute information.

Making the project more challenging, Sophie particularly wanted to uncover ‘hidden gem’ stories which weren’t being shared widely by other sites, in order to differentiate Stylus Life from the market. She also needed a tool which linked with WordPress, so that she could send content into the Stylus Life CMS immediately.

The solution

‘Signal is a crucial filtering tool, letting us sift out the most interesting and relevant news stories for Stylus Life.’

Stylus Life’s unique set of requirements meant that Signal was a natural fit.

Machine learning technology helped Signal recognise when a story was a good match for Stylus Life. The more Sophie used the system, the better the results became.

Using RSS, Signal connected with Stylus Life’s WordPress platform, allowing Sophie to send interesting stories straight to her CMS in real time.

The fact that Signal covers more than 3 million news sources also helped Sophie search for ‘hidden gems’ – the stories which would have been difficult to find through conventional browsing.

‘The wide range of sources is particularly beneficial – allowing us access to stories we would not ordinarily find.’

The results

Signal has empowered Sophie to aggregate content in a more sophisticated way. She can curate the stories she wants to push onto the site, and Signal’s machine learning technology means that the system gets more relevant over time. And whenever she needs support, our Customer Success team are just a phone call or email away.

‘It’s great to work with a team that understands you as the client and understands what you are trying to create.’


(Since completing this case study, Sophie has moved on from Stylus.)


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