Using AI to take media monitoring beyond Boolean

We’re always excited to talk about the latest trends and developments in our industry. But sometimes, it helps to focus on the past. Co-founder Dr Miguel Martinez appeared on the TechEmergence podcast to discuss how Signal’s AI understands the news. How does Signal enhance the way businesses monitor their coverage in ways that legacy technologies like Boolean logic cannot?

Miguel’s interview with Daniel Faggella covers many of the technological principles behind the Signal platform. In particular, Miguel and Daniel discussed the ways that Signal automatically classifies entities (like people, business and locations) and broader topics. This not only gives Signal’s clients more accurate results: our media monitoring process involves no Boolean logic, making it easier for the end user to control the coverage they’re tracking.

Miguel details the history and evolution of media monitoring as an industry, right from manually clipping coverage using scissors, to the proliferation of  Boolean search, and now the increasingly widespread use of machine learning. Today, Signal has moved beyond older techniques like Boolean, helping users to track news coverage in a more intuitive way with artificial intelligence.

Listen to the podcast on the Soundcloud link above, or via the TechEmergence website. And read more about Signal’s ground-breaking monitoring technology here.

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