How Signal works

Discover how we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to
turn information into knowledge

We gather all the information the world has to offer

We source the world’s best sources of information and premium content – from broadcast and radio channels, to print newspapers, right through to online media, legislation and regulatory documents. Then we pump all of it into the Signal system, the moment it’s published.

media monitoring technology

The AI gets to work

Once a piece of content enters our system, Signal’s AI reads, analyses and classifies it in seconds.
Natural language processing automatically identifies all relevant information
– from the names of companies mentioned, to the topic being discussed – instantly.

Apple from Apples

Contextual information ensures relevance...

Using contextual information, Signal’s AI works out whether an article is talking about Apple or apples, Shell or shells. Clustering relevant stories together makes content easier to digest and hyper-relevant.

…and Signal turns information into knowledge

In two seconds, all information from each article is tagged and turned into relevant, actionable knowledge, ready to be sent through to users as real-time email alerts or uncovered through Signal’s search function.

The unknown is now known.

Word news

Best of all? The more Signal is trained, the more accurate it gets

The Signal algorithms are always learning to make sure results are hyper-relevant.
Our AI can be trained to improve Signal for each individual user’s needs,
making it more intelligent and easier to use, every day.

Meet our researchers who make it happen

A world leader in technology innovation

We are very proud to have been recognised by different organisations for our
research and collaborations with academic institutions around the world.