Signal Monitor Mobile: The power of AI, right in your pocket

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We at Signal are really excited to launch Signal Monitor Mobile, which brings the power of our Artificial Intelligence right into your hands.

Signal Monitor Mobile

Taking Signal’s content mobile will fundamentally change your ability to keep those who need to know, in the know.

With Signal Monitor Mobile, everyone in your organisation from senior stakeholders through to other market-facing teams will be able to read Signal feeds wherever they are, whenever they need. They will get the same real-time delivery of stories we know you rely on and the same hyper-relevance, so important stories are never lost in the noise.

When we started out at Signal, we knew that by harnessing the power of AI, we could produce the next generation of media monitoring solutions, giving businesses their news instantly. Now, with Signal Monitor Mobile we are giving you ever more control of your media and ability and stay ahead of the story.

Here’s what it allows you to do:

  • Check your news feeds wherever and whenever you want
  • Receive stories as they are published
  • Instantly save and share stories
  • Bookmark the most important feeds for quick reference
  • Customise the app to keep important searches within easy reach

Signal Monitor MobileAs Signal Monitor Mobile is powered from the Signal platform, the comms team can easily adjust feeds that appear on mobile through their own Signal account – making sure that users have the content they need at all times.

You’ll love the intuitive design of the app, which gives you one click access to topic feeds and can be customised with your branding.

The app is controlled from the Signal Media Monitoring platform so the account owner can control the searches that go onto mobile. You and your team can adjust them when news breaks, financial results or other evolving news stories, in real time.

When big news breaks, inboxes won’t be deluged with a mass of alerts, and you’ll never be waiting for an email roundup to see the latest stories. Instead, the clear and intuitive interface will continually update in real time with the feeds you set, and can be controlled as much as you want.

The bookmark feature allows you to save a story from the stream in order to read it later. Or you can bookmark a number of stories and share links with colleagues instantly. No more calling back to the office for someone to send the content out. You control the coverage you want your app users to see and can get it in the hands of those who need it quickly.

We’ll work with you to calibrate the app with feeds you need from your Signal account, and to apply the branding and imagery your require. Once set up, the app will have the look and feel of your company, with power of Signal Monitor keeping you ahead of the story.

To get started, contact one of our team or download the app yourself by searching for ‘Signal Media’ in the Apple app store.

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