Turning the world’s
information into knowledge

signal media monitoring

Dr. Miguel Martinez
Co-Founder / Head of Research

David Benigson
Founder / CEO

Signal Media is an artificial intelligence media monitoring company
that transforms the world’s information
into accessible, actionable business knowledge.

When the news cycle has shifted from 24hrs to 24 seconds,
businesses need constant access to high-quality, hyper-relevant information
to remain on top of a world that’s moving at breakneck speed.
They need the complete picture to be certain
that the decisions they make reflect reality – not their assumptions.

Signal is the solution.

Cutting-edge AI enables businesses to track changes to their world in real-time
– from competitors, to regulation, to their own reputation –
with certainty and clarity.

Signal gives businesses the information they need to know,
and the information they didn’t know they needed,
to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Signal makes the unknown, known.


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